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Friday 19 20:30h - 21:45h
Sónar by DaySonarHall - LIVE
A furious new chapter in the history of Tom Jenkinson
20th April is the release date for the new Squarepusher album "Damogen Furies". An album that will once again impart the most vehement side of Tom Jenkinson, in which –in his own words– he wanted to explore “the most hallucinatory, nightmarish and brutally visceral capacities of electronic music". In order to achieve this, Jenkinson recorded the album’s eight tracks in just one take, without any further editing, and only using software and equipment he built himself over the last decade. The English mastermind’s new show will put forward a spectacular staging, with innovative images and advanced technological wizardry, that will provide easy access to his self designed array of sound equipment. This will allow him to play live uninhibited, enabling him to transform and mutate music in any way he deems fit.

From his very first outings on Rephlex in the mid 90s, Squarepusher’s success has been built upon the foundations of experimental dance music and the Miles Davis school of jazz. A superlative virtuoso bassist and producer, Jenkinson has delivered several integral music works of our time ("Hard Normal Daddy", "Ultravisitor", "Feed Me Weird Things", "Music Is Rotted One Note"). He has experimented unreservedly with jungle, electro, techno or drill'n'bass, without ever losing sight of harmonies and melodies from classical jazz and soundtracks composers. After the futuristic aesthetic of "Ufabulum" and his recent experimentation with the robot band Z-Machines, his new LP has all the energy and sparkle of a debut album, unsurprising from a man who still believes in using concepts like ‘risk’ and ‘reinvention’ as a driving force behind his work.

  • Squarepusher - Rayc fire 2

    Squarepusher - Rayc fire 2

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